What Is a CBD Shot and How to Use It?


f you’ve ever enjoyed a 5-Hour Energy, you know the benefits of carrying around a small container of liquid for a quick pick-me-up. CBD shot drinks can potentially bring the same type of stimulation, but with additional relaxation, pain relief, anxiety easing, and other effects from the CBD molecule.

What Is a CBD Shot?

The standard size CBD shot is about 50 milligrams (mg) or 60 milliliters (mL). This is around 2 ounces, about the same size as a shot of alcohol you would order in a bar.

Unlike alcohol or caffeine, though, CBD shot drinks may help to ease stress and offer a more holistic support to the mind and body. You can pack these in your pocket, bag, or purse if you need them during the day, or store them easily for when you get home.

How Do CBD Shots Taste?

CBD shots are generally flavored, similar energy shots in the market.

Effects of CBD Shot Drinks

CBD shots can potentially provide some recovery from aches, pains, stress, or anxiety. Most often, people drink CBD shots for the same reasons they use CBD in other forms. The shot format offers convenience as you can easily toss it in your purse or pocket to take later in the day.

A CBD shot may have additional dietary supplements added to enhance these benefits or to add supplementary effects. Make sure to check the label to ensure the CBD shot only contains what you want in it.

How to Enjoy a CBD Shot

CBD shot drinks can potentially be excellent pick-me-ups when taken once per day. If you find you need more relief, there are other CBD products you may consider.


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