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  • KG7 Smash CBD Drink Mix – 25 mg


    Smash your day with our CBD Drink Smash Mix that has 25MG of CBD! An active lifestyle has you always on the go, and these packets are perfect to take anywhere so you always have your CBD fix ready! Just mix the CBD Drink Smash mix into your water and get to work with KG7! Our CBD Smash Drink Mix is made with our high-quality CBD and has no THC included.

  • KG7 MINT CBD OIL – 500 MG


    Designed with you in mind!

    Our all-new KG7 lineup was carefully chosen to provide you with the essential CBD Products you need for an active lifestyle!

    KG7 500mg CBD Oil is formulated with American-farmed hemp extracts, Terpenes, and Turmeric extract to give you a blend of functional ingredients that keep you going! We add mint extract for a refreshing taste, and our dropper allows you to regulate serving sizes to get exactly what you need.


  • KG7 Grape CBD Drink Mix – 25 mg


    Burst into your active lifestyle with our CBD Burst Drink Mix that has 25 MG of CBD! If you’re looking for a refreshing way to consume your CBD, this is the way! Take these pouches with you anywhere you go, mix them in your water and go. Living an active lifestyle means you’re always on the go. Take CBD your way with our delicious CBD Burst Drink Mix! Our CBD Burst Drink Mix is made with our high-quality CBD and includes no THC.

  • Kg7 CBD Gummies, 5ct – 50 mg


    Infused with high quality CBD, KG7 CBD Gummies look good and taste great. Experience the KG7 difference today.

  • KG7 CBD Gummies, 2ct – 20 mg


    Our 20MG CBD Gummies are the perfect beginner gummy if you want to try a delicious CBD treat.

    Pectin-based so there is no gelatin

    No Artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors

    American-farmed & independent lab certified!


  • KG7 CBD Cream Tube – 300mg


    Our KG7 CBD Cream is made to benefit your on-the-go lifestyle. Our squeeze tube makes it easy to have support any time you need it. Keep our CBD cream in your gym bag for a quick post-workout massage. When you need it, apply onto your skin, rub it in all the way, and start feeling the cooling sensation.


  • KG7 CBD Cream Packet – 30 mg


    Our CBD cream packet is the perfect way to give our CBD cream a try! what are you afraid of? Take our 30mg CBD Cream packet and apply on any area you need a bit of help, give it a few minutes to absorb and massage into your skin for maximum efficacy. These 30mg packets are “trial” versions of our 300mg cream, so once you love our packets, give the 300mg CBD Cream a try!


  • KG7 CBD Active Stick -250mg


    KG7’s CBD Stick is a great pocket-sized relief you can take anywhere!

    Find support right where you need it with our CBD stick! keep it in your bag for those days you need a boost to get on your feet quicker.

  • CBD Variety Bundle


    Whether you’re a first time user or a CBD veteran, our variety bundle is perfect. Start with one of our deliciously flavored gummies, and enjoy the relaxing effects. Use the oil as part of your daily routine, or as a temporary remedy for muscle or joint pain. The cream can be used for massages, and comes to the rescue after long days!

  • CBD Topical Bundle


    Bundle and save! Our Topical bundle is a great opportunity for soothing relief wherever you may need it. Our 300mg cream helps you ease your muscles after a long day, the 250mg stick is great to take anywhere you may need as it’s easy to apply & soothe your lips with our mint lip balm this upcoming fall!

  • CBD Starter Bundle


    Not sure where to start with CBD? Reliva has your back! In this bundle, you get a 2pk of our delicious CBD gummies, a bottle of Reliva 50mg CBD Shot, and a 250mg Mint CBD Oil. These product assortments give you a variety of ways to try different CBD products and flavors to see what fits your life the best.

  • CBD Gummies Bundle


    When you have a sweet tooth… Reliva comes to the rescue!

  • CBD Best Sellers Bundle


    Check out this latest bundle from Reliva. CBD in Reliva’s products is extracted through industry leading extraction methodologies, ensuring high quality CBD. Experience the Reliva difference today.

  • Batch #U0227183 – CBD Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #U0208047 – CBD Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #u0208046 – Cream – 300MG

  • Batch #T1113060 – Cream – 300MG

  • Batch #T0528137 – CBD Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #T0513061 – Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #T0505015 – Reliva Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #T0406025 – Cream – 300MG

  • Batch #T0402015 – Stick – 250MG

  • Batch #T0326178 – CBD Stick – 250MG

Shop Our Online CBD Products

We carefully select all of our CBD products in order to provide you with premium, high-quality offerings. Reliva is one of the best selling* retail sales CBD companies, with a goal to be one of the best online CBD sales companies. All of our products are third-party lab tested.

Buying CBD products online allows our customers to have all the information they need in order to make informed buying decisions. Our aim is to provide you with everything you need to know about Reliva, our core principals and the reason our CBD product line is one of the best selling* retail brands in the U.S.

As in our retail success, it’s our responsibility to aim to be one of the best providers of CBD sales online. Because of our retail presence, we already have the necessary infrastructure, R&D and third-party lab testing. Speaking of lab testing, our microbial testing in many cases exceeds state regulatory requirements. We want you to feel confident when buying CBD oil online, and assure you that we are here to answer all questions relating to anything CBD.

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