• 300mg CBD Cream – 2oz


    Our best selling topical cream! If you’re looking for an all-natural way to soothe your aches and pains, look no further than our CBD Muscle Cream. Our fast-absorbing formula contains 300mg of hemp-derived CBD with zero THC, which means you get the therapeutic benefits without any worry. It also smells great, has a light texture, and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished.

  • 300mg CBD Oral Spray – 5ml


    A few sprays is all it takes to help your body feel better. Our Reliva CBD Oil Spray provides 300mg of CBD. It is blended with MCT oil, peppermint oil extract, and vitamin E.

  • 50mg Berry CBD Shot – 2oz


    Looking for a quick-fix to take the stress out of today? Try our 50mg CBD Berry Shot Today and feel more calm and alert.

  • 250mg CBD Stick – 1oz


    It’s time to take wellness into your own hands! Reliva’s Muscle Stick allows users to utilize an easy-to-use roll-on stick that can quickly and effectively treat sore muscles and joints. Made with 250mg CBD, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Eucalyptus Leaf, Tea Tree Oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, and peppermint oil.

  • 300mg Hemp-Derived CBD Gummies – 30ct


    Our Reliva hemp-derived CBD gummies are one of our most popular products. These gummies are an assorted mixed berry & citrus flavors and are formulated with vegan friendly ingredients, natural flavors & colors & contain ZERO THC! Each gummy has 10mg of CBD and we provide independent lab verified results that you can see, to ensure you are receiving the very best products available out there!

  • 250mg Mint CBD Oil – 30ml


    Interested in CBD Oil, but not sure where to begin? A great starting point is Reliva’s 250mg Mint CBD Oil.

  • 1000mg Mint CBD Oil – 30ml


    Want the best value & strongest servings of CBD available? Reliva 1000mg CBD Oil is a great way to just that, along with a refreshing mint flavor to help you conquer the day. We formulate our CBD Oil with turmeric extract as well as terpenes, which work in concert with the CBD to bring a balance to your body you haven’t experienced before!
    Give our 1000mg CBD Oil a try and find your Reliva today.

  • 20mg CBD Gummies Travel Size – 2ct


    Infused with high quality CBD, Reliva CBD Gummies look good and taste great. This convenient 2-pack is great to try out new flavors, new delivery methods, or even just to take with you in your hiking bag or favorite airport luggage. Keep these anywhere you might need a little extra support!

  • 500mg Mint CBD Oil – 30ml


    Want the best value & strongest servings of CBD available? Reliva 500mg CBD Oil is a great way to get 33mg of CBD per serving with a delicious mint flavor.

  • 750mg Mint CBD Oil – 30ml


    Reliva 750mg Mint CBD Oil is formulated with zero THC, so you can get relief without worrying about any impairment.

  • 100mg CBD Gummies – 10ct


    Take a bag of Reliva CBD Gummies with you anywhere! Our delicious gummies are an easy way to get CBD, and now with our convenient 10ct bag, you can keep one in your bag for a tasty treat anytime.

  • 30mg CBD Cream Travel Size – .2oz


    Now available in a convenient single-use packet! If you’re looking to try our best-selling CBD Cream, our 30mg packet is the perfect way! Reliva CBD Cream is the best-selling retail brand for CBD cream. Try it and experience a tingling, cooling sensation. Experience the Reliva difference today.

  • KG7 CBD Cream Packet – 30 mg


    Our CBD cream packet is the perfect way to give our CBD cream a try! what are you afraid of? Take our 30mg CBD Cream packet and apply on any area you need a bit of help, give it a few minutes to absorb and massage into your skin for maximum efficacy. These 30mg packets are “trial” versions of our 300mg cream, so once you love our packets, give the 300mg CBD Cream a try!


  • 150mg Pet Care CBD Oil – 30ml


    We all love our pets, they’re an extension to our family. We created our Pet CBD Oil in order to provide comfort and additional support when they need it most. Our Reliva CBD oil is the perfect companion for your pet in the case of trips to the vets, thunderstorms or in any stressful situation.

  • 25mg Citrus CBD Drink Mix – 5g


    With our CBD Citrus Drink Mix you can enjoy a delicious CBD drink that is packed with 25mg of CBD & Zero THC.

  • 25mg Unflavored CBD Drink Mix – 5g


    Want to get your daily serving of CBD, but don’t want to add flavor to your favorite drinks? Our Unflavored CBD Drink Mix is perfect for you!