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Our all-new KG7 lineup was carefully chosen to provide you with the essential CBD Products you need for an active lifestyle!

KG7 500mg CBD Oil is formulated with American-farmed hemp extracts, Terpenes, and Turmeric extract to give you a blend of functional ingredients that keep you going! We add mint extract for a refreshing taste, and our dropper allows you to regulate serving sizes to get exactly what you need.


Due to State Regulations, we cannot ship ingestible products to the following states: AK, AL, ME, NH, WA, LA, MS, MO, WY. If you live in these states, please check out our amazing CBD Topicals!

Unfortunately, state regulations prevent us from shipping any products to: HI, ID, IA, NE. Sign up to stay informed when your state changes.

CBD oil has been the most common way to use CBD for some time, KG7 offers our refreshing Mint 500mg CBD oil for those looking for versatility and ease-of-use.

KG7 Mint CBD Oil is formulated with American-farmed CBD, MCT oil, and Turmeric to help your body perform better.

The most common way people like you use CBD Oil is by placing a dropper full into their mouths, but some other ways are mixing into your favorite drinks, adding to a snack or dessert, and many more!


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