How to Use CBD Oil


A general guideline for CBD usage

Consumers of CBD products generally fall within one of a few categories. A) You have experience with CBD, have researched serving size, consumption or application. B) You are new to CBD oil products and have heard that it can help. C) You are taking it, and an increasing amount is used, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. CBD does not “work” for some people. That is to say, cannabidiol does not react with some folks’ endocannabinoid systems as strongly as others.

How do I know how much CBD oil to use?

There are many factors to consider when determining how much CBD oil to use. Some of these include age, weight, and current experience with other cannabinoids. If you are going to give CBD a shot, it’s recommended you start with a lower amount and build up. Regardless, you should always consult your doctor.

How often should I use CBD oil?

It’s a good idea to keep a record, or at least remember the amount of CBD oil you have been taking and how frequently. Stay in tune with your body to know when the CBD product you are taking begins to work and how well it works.

It is of course useful to know how much CBD is in a bottle, which most companies will put on their label. Many, but not all droppers are at 1 mL. If you have a 30 mL bottle, and the dropper holds 1 mL, then it’s 30 droppers worth of CBD oil. If the mg/mL of the CBD product is 300 mg/mL, then there are 10 mg of CBD in one dropper. 10 mg (1 mL dropper) x 30 mL (total bottle) = 300 mg in a bottle. A lot of folks like to take a half dropper in the morning and half before bed. In this example that would be 5 mg (.5 mL) in the morning and 5 mg (.5 mL) at night.

Other CBD products

Most of the above explanation is based on taking CBD oil in a tincture form. There are many other CBD products and many ways to use CBD. Some other ingestible forms of CBD products are gummies, capsules, and CBD liquid shots. Unlike tinctures, where you decide how much to consume, these other products come in set serving sizes. For example, our gummies each contain 10 mg CBD per gummy. Our CBD shot has 50 mg of pure CBD.

You also have topicals, creams, salves and roll-ons. These CBD products are applied directly to the skin.

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