How Does CBD Oil Calm Pets?

Calm ginger cat and a brown bottle of medication. A glass vial with herbal treatment or CBD oil (medicinal cannabis) for pets and wild animals.

Can CBD oil help your pet? We offer suggestions based on science.

The hemp extract CBD has lots of potential benefits for humans. It may relieve anxiety, nausea, and pain, for example. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even approved CBD medications for people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Humans taking CBD edibles or other CBD consumables naturally want the same support and comfort for their beloved pets. Many animals struggle with anxiety, and as they get older, they can develop joint pain, inflammation, or other discomfort, just like people.

Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals

Each pet is a little bit different, so here is some guidance on CBD oil for the animal in your life:

  • Dogs: Although dogs are often loyal and protective of their owners, they can also struggle with anxiety. They may worry about other animals, being alone, or protecting their homes and people. Aging dogs can become more anxious due to low-level pain from arthritis, eye problems like glaucoma, or even digestive issues.CBD oil seems to potentially ease canine anxiety and stress. It may even help them sleep better when you’re gone for the day or getting ready for bed yourself.
  • Cats: Like dogs, cats can struggle with anxiety and stress. They can develop joint pain problems as they age. In cats, anxiety or pain might look like hiding or refusing touch. If your affectionate, cuddly cat suddenly becomes reclusive or mean, finding a good CBD oil product might help them become more affectionate and connected.
  • Other animals: There is not as much research on birds, hamsters, rats, or other pets that are not cats and dogs, so be cautious when purchasing CBD oil for these creatures.

Getting the Right Serving Size

It is important to note that CBD oil serving sizes for humans are much different than appropriate doses for pets. Animals are smaller and have different body chemistry than humans, so they will be affected differently by CBD oil products.

Ask your veterinarian for help finding an effective, safe CBD oil with the correct serving sizes.


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