Does CBD Cause Stomach Ache or Relieve It?


CBD has a wide range of potential health benefits, ranging from pain relief to improving appetite. This hemp extract is not believed to be addictive or intoxicating, and it may help people who struggle with anxiety, chronic pain, and even cancer.

Currently, there are a few medical studies proving CBD’s effectiveness at treating these conditions, but many are underway. However, many people who regularly take CBD report improvements in mood and physical health.

Keep reading to learn more about the potential stomach effects of CBD, including how it might relieve pain and what might cause stomach aches.

CBD and Stomach Aches

CBD products, especially CBD oil, are believed to help with stomach aches and nausea, but some people who take CBD oil, drinks, or other consumables report that they develop stomach aches. There are two possible causes:

  • Too much CBD: The CBD molecule is not intoxicating like THC, so you cannot technically overdose on it, but it is still possible to take too much and get an upset stomach since its dissolved in oil.If you know your proper serving size based on age, gender, body weight, other medications, and other related factors, it can help you adjust your intake to suit your needs.
  • Other compounds: Many CBD products like drinks or food contain other ingredients, including sugar, flavors, and preservatives. These might upset your stomach, so try different types of products to see what suits your stomach best.Look for CBD gummies that contain only natural flavors, sugars, and colors. Vegan options generally work well for those prone to stomach upset.


CBD and Stomach Relief

CBD is widely reported to have digestive benefits for many people.

  • Nausea relief: People who struggle with chronic nausea or nausea from other medications, especially chemotherapy, may potentially benefit from taking a small amount of CBD. It may reduce sickness and improve appetite. This is because CBD is believed to help serotonin production in the brain.
  • Digestive relief: People who have chronic digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may get some relief with CBD products like oils, tinctures, drinks, or supplements. It is important to get the right serving size of CBD and take it in a product that will not make digestive issues worse.


Get the Right Type of CBD for You

Ultimately, the type of CBD product you consume and the serving size you need are individual calculations. Taking too much or consuming the wrong drink or oil might cause a stomach ache, but getting the right amount of CBD may provide a lot of relief.


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