Differences Between CBD Drink Mixes and CBD Oil Drinks


Many people say they benefit from the pain and stress relief in CBD products, so the market for mild, relaxing options is exploding. CBD can be found in almost anything these days, from gummy candies and vape pens to salad dressing and even coffee.

Relaxing CBD Drinks: Which Is Best?

One of the most popular methods of getting CBD’s benefits is by drinking it. Drinking a CBD beverage is believed to be much healthier than smoking or vaping. When you drink CBD, it dissolves into your body faster than if you eat a CBD snack.

But what type of beverage would work best? There are several options, but pre-made CBD mixes and oil-based CBD drinks are two of the best.

CBD Oil Drinks: Even Mixing Required

When the CBD industry first kicked off, CBD oil was one of the most popular products. The CBD molecule dissolves well into oil or alcohol, and oil leaves a more pleasant taste.

Additionally, CBD oil can be used as a concentrate or tincture, used in small increments alone (a few drops dissolved on the tongue) or added to food or drinks.

As many people know, oil and water do not mix. Although oil can be stirred into a beverage, it will eventually separate from the water. This means the amount of CBD you are receiving can be inconsistent. Mixing CBD oil into a drink at home might be a good quick solution, but pre-mixed CBD oil drinks might not be effective for an accurate serving of CBD inside.

CBD Drink Mixes: How Are They Made?

Mixing CBD into a water-based drink (which is all of them) is complicated. However, companies that make CBD products are finding new ways of getting this helpful molecule emulsified into various forms, including a powder that can be mixed into water, like powdered lemonade.

This process is sometimes called nanoemulsion, so oil and water droplets are bound together at such a microscopic level that they will not separate.

Get the Best CBD Drink Option

A powdered mix in your cabinet or a tincture on your nightstand are both options for CBD drinks. Understanding the difference in doses and digestion can help you determine which works best for you.


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