Reliva CBD

Reliva CBD is a premium health and wellness company. Our team has years of experience working on behalf of consumers to help improve their quality of life, and our customer satisfaction is why Reliva’s CBD products are among the best-selling in the U.S

Our American farmers

Extraction facilities & formulators, and happy customers are what define us and our purpose.

Our CBD Products

Our CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, and CBD Beverages, are free of gluten, soy, and animal byproducts.

Our CBD Is Sourced

American-farmed hemp and extracted using industry-leading methods.

We ensure zero THC

We have independent lab testing on all finished goods, ensuring peace of mind for our consumers. We know that what is not in our product is just as important as what is — that’s why our testing doesn’t just focus on CBD content. We also ensure our products are free of pesticides, mold, and heavy metals.

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