Passion for Purity and Purpose in Production

Reliva is a premium health and wellness company with years of collective experience in improving the quality of life for people all over the world. With years of experience, comes hundreds of cycles of product development, feedback, and fine tuning. That is the Reliva difference.

Reliva products are gluten free and vegetarian friendly (Note: our stick product contains beeswax, an ingredient which most consider to be vegetarian friendly). Reliva CBD is derived from traditionally grown hemp. Extracted using industry leading technology, our method ensures high quality CBD and 0% THC extraction. But the staff here at Reliva are more than just “workers”. We are a network of CBD farmers, cultivators, and experts with a passion and purpose.

Try Reliva today and you’ll see why it’s been consistently one of the best selling retail brands*.

Miguel Martin

CEO & Founding Member

Miguel Martin currently serves as the President and CEO of Reliva, a leading CBD company. Miguel is a 25 year veteran in the consumer products category. Having worked on everything from billion dollar global brands to start-ups, he has always focused on the customer. Driven by a passion to create high quality brands at approachable prices, Miguel’s leadership has built Reliva into a top selling* retail CBD brand in the US.

Lita Young

CFO & Founding Member

Lita has more than 24 years of experience in management and finance. She earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, and started her career at Procter and Gamble in Lima, Peru. Lita then earned an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS) in 1993. After HBS, she helped shape the strategy and implementation of the Boston hospital mergers for Partners Healthcare as a Senior Financial Analyst. She then became the Director of Finance and Administration for the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). Most recently, Lita has managed a number of emerging businesses — among them, as CFO of Backyard Farms, she’s helping build the largest hydroponic tomato farm in the Northeast. For the past five years, she has worked as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer of HWY Partners, a regional Food Broker in the Northeast.

Kevin Young

Founding Member

Kevin Young is a trailblazer within the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries. Kevin has worked for the last seven years building multiple brands and businesses in a lightning fast growing sector. He has led the development, implementation, and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products from the ground up. Kevin is the co-founder and CFO of Port City Relief: a vertically integrated medical cannabis company. Kevin is also the co-founder of Top Crop Consulting, High Test Lab, Shake and Baked Kitchen, Groove Brands, and Reliva CBD. He established and sits on the boards of Patients First PAC, and the Maine Cannabis Industry Association. He also serves as Chief of Product Development for the suite of brands as well. He is active in supporting patients and veterans in the workforce and their continued medical care with the help of cannabis and CBD. After graduating from Plymouth State University with his degree in Finance and Economics, Kevin uprooted himself and moved to Maine where state laws allowed him to focus on his passions in the cannabis industry. In his free time, you may find him enjoying the outdoors while spreading his love for the plant and the people that need it.

Nicholas Messer

Founding Member

Nicholas Messer attended Plymouth State University and has over 10 years’ experience in the cannabis industry. With his drive, intelligence and exceptional work ethic, it was no surprise when he began on a small scale in 2009, but grew quickly; Nicholas excelled into full commercial cultivation in 2013, when he became a co-founder and CEO of Port City Relief LLC, a vertically integrated medical cannabis company. Port City Relief LLC was featured in “High Times Magazine” for their cultivation and praised for their clean growing practices. Nicholas is also the co-founder of Top Crop Consulting since 2014, where he has offered consultation on the cultivation of cannabis for several cultivators on a commercial level. By 2015, Nicholas hired a lobbying firm and started a PAC named “Patients First,” where Nicholas fights for fair cannabis policies for patients and cultivators alike. Outside of work, Nicholas enjoys spending time with his family. In any free time, you can find Nicholas snowmobiling, or four wheeling —  depending on the season. Nicholas is one to seek adventure and for adventure to find him.

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